Glazing, Curtain Walling & Cladding

Rope Access Cladding Specialists in Edinburgh

Vertigo Access Solutions Ltd are specialists in rope access and high level glazing, curtain walling, high level glass change, and rope access cladding, providing safe, efficient and cost effective installation and maintenance solutions at height or in difficult to access locations.

  • Installation services at construction phase (glazing, curtain walling, cladding installation via rope access)
  • Cladding removal & Cladding replacement
  • Leak detection and water tests & Facade inspections
  • High level glass change
  • Fire risk investigation
  • Facade remedial works and maintenance
  • Emergency safety facade works
  • Builders cleans & window cleaning
  • Roof cleaning

Fire Risk investigations

Over-cladding on older buildings and cladding on buildings being erected has become popular to improve their visual appearance and also to reduce heat loss.

The installation of some of these systems has unfortunately resulted in a risk of external fire spread.

Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy there has been a rise in cladding fire tests being carried out throughout the UK to determine the level of fire risk of the buildings cladding, Vertigo Access Solutions have specialised in carrying out these tests over Edinburgh, Glasgow and many parts of the UK for a number of years.

Vertigo Access Solutions Ltd specialise carrying out investigations to identify the types of materials that have been used in a cladding system, conduct laboratory analysis to determine their flammability/combustibility and also undertake intrusive investigations to confirm the presence of cavity/fire barriers using endoscopes, particularly with rain screen cladding systems if, during a fire, external panels catch alight they may bypass any fire breaks within the rain screen cladding system, thereby potentially compromising any fire compartmentation.

Cladding Work

Vertigo Access Solutions was asked to carry out the installation of this rain screen cladding, we used our specialised equipment to gain access and carried out job ahead of schedule also under budget.