Building Maintenance & Repair

We are equipped with a range of skilled technicians, allowing us to cover all aspects of building maintenance and repair at height. Our clients have benefited from this range of skill by relying on Vertigo to undertake a range of jobs, rather than having to employ several different contractors, or paying a consultant to manage different trades.

We have successfully completed roof works on a number of projects, specialising in tenement buildings with a combination of felt and slate roofs. However, we can also repair tiles, lead flashings, cupolas and skylights, chimneys and Cowells, and vegetation clearance.

Our technicians are experienced in repairing decaying stonework of all types, and can restore your building to an attractive finish as well as eliminating the risk of falling stones. We can renew the pointing between your stones to prevent water ingress between the stones.

Tenement Building, Edinburgh (top) – Our technician is restoring the seal between the roof and chimney stack to prevent water ingress. Without an adequate seal water can loosen the stone in the chimney stack as well as cause dampness in the building inside.

Commercial Property, Princes Street, Edinburgh (middle) – Some of the stone faces had delaminated due to weathering, and our client asked us to restore the stone to prevent further wear. We applied a specialist filler to the recess and our technician is seen her applying the finish compound, which will dry and weather to colour-match the surrounding stone.

Tenement Building, Edinburgh (bottom) – We were contracted to carry out some stone repair and repointing in this tenement building in the Marchmont area of Edinburgh. Here our technician is using our bespoke debris catchers as an extra precaution against falling debris. We designed and constructed our own debris catchers to be used in conjunction with street cordons to ensure maximum safety when there is a risk of falling material.

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