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Vertigo Access Solutions

Vertigo Access Solutions Ltd is primarily a Rope Access company. Rope Access is a technique which allows technicians to gain access to hard to reach areas. Once in position, our technicians then carry out the work which is required.  It is not only a cheaper option compared to scaffolding, it also causes far less disruption to the surrounding area. Sometimes ropes are the only way to gain access to areas in situations above and below ground level.

All Vertigo technicians are trained and certified to the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) standard, showing that all technicians are capable of working on the ropes in a safe manner. There will always be at least two IRATA qualified technicians on any of Vertigo’s sites. This is in case of the unlikely event of a rescue situation.

Building surveys/inspections are a big part of the work carried out by Vertigo Access Solutions Ltd. Using ropes allows technicians to cover every inch of a building, or structure in a quick and cost effective way.

Other works carried out by our technicians via Rope Access include:

  • All aspects of roofing works,
  • Domestic and industrial painting,
  • Masonry works,
  • Gutter/downpipe cleaning and repairs,
  • Window cleaning,
  • Domestic and industrial netting (safety and bird netting)
  • Confined space works,
  • Other types of general building maintenance.

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